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Dear DAR Friend,
We are happy to present our line of unique, outstanding, top-quality products! GARNAY® jewelry may be worn anytime, anyplace!




GARNAY, INCORPORATED was founded in 1981 in Studio City, California by Martha B. Garner, Owner, President and CEO. The company produces and sells jewelry and other merchandise related to the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) and many other organizations. Martha is a longtime member of the DAR.

In 1984, GARNAY® began selling GARNAY® Pin Safe-Guards in two sizes. Since then, the corporation has grown and now manufactures, sells and/or distributes more than 350 items. Martha, a Graduate Gemologist, has created many custom jewelry items for DAR as well as for different organizations, including the Children of the American Revolution (C.A.R.). Since 1995, thousands of pieces of jewelry have been created and distributed by GARNAY® for the DAR National Administrations.

Martha works with her husband, Dr. William J. Garner, Sr. Before retiring, Dr. Garner was a veterinarian to the movie stars in Studio City, California. He serves as Vice President of GARNAY®.

In 1998, GARNAY® moved its corporate headquarters and shipping facility from Studio City, California to Las Vegas, Nevada, where it is now permanently located.

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